Financial Impacts of COVID-19 (Term 2 School Fees)

Posted: 07-May-2020 10:27 AM

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The impacts of COVID-19 and TC Harold no doubt have brought some financial hardships on many
Tongan families. The Ministry of Education and Training would like to assure the public that
education and training of Tongan children will continue despite the economic disruptions and
challenges caused by COVID-19 and TC Harold.
The Ministry has helped in a number of ways to relieve financial pressures:
 During the first three weeks of the term, the Ministry provided free public transport for
students to allow them to attend and return from school safely.
 Last week the Ministry also extended the payment of Term 2’s school fees for 2 weeks and
the last payment day is now Friday 15th May 2020.
The Ministry, following the Prime Minister’s announcement last Friday 1st May, has put in place
internal processes for further monetary assistance in the form of school fees, as part of the
Education COVID-19 Relief Assistance.
The Government will pay the Term 2 School Fees for all students in Government and Non-
Government Secondary Schools from Form 1 – Form 7.
For parents and/or guardians of Secondary School students, please note the following:
1. Those who have paid their Schools Fees for the whole year, your Term 2 fees will be
reimbursed accordingly.
2. Those who have already paid their Term 2 School Fees only, your Term 2 fees will be
credited towards Term 3 fees. Receipts for Term 3 will be available.
3. Those, whose children’s school fees are paid through the SET Project’s School Fees, are NOT
eligible to this COVID-19 Relief Assistance.
This financial assistance is to help alleviate some of the financial difficulties of parents and guardians
due to COVID-19 and TC Harold, and to ensure that the education of our children are not adversely
For further information and clarification about the Ministry’s Media Release, please contact:
Ministry of Education and Training, Phone: 23511.

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